This year we have partnered with Shoparoo to leverage their hassle-free approach to raising thousands of dollars
for Broadmoor Elementary.  7,000+ schools are already fundraising through Shoparoo and we see it as great
opportunity for us to make a difference this year.


With the FREE Shoparoo App, all you have to do to raise money for our school is take pictures of your  receipts with your phone!  Shoparoo does not require any buying, selling, collecting, delivering, etcetera… and, it works no matter where you shop or what you buy!

Yes, it really is that easy.  Our school receives a donation for every receipt picture taken through the free Shoparoo app.  There is no limit to how much we can raise with Shoparoo, so please download the app and started taking pictures today.  Also, each of our first 20 participants will earn a guaranteed $1 donation for their first receipt!

1. Download the free Shoparoo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Once it’s downloaded, select Broadmoor Elementary as your cause and take pictures of receipts!

3. Invite other parents and members of the community to participate in this simple fundraiser.

Shoparoo is 100% safe. The information from your receipts is made completely anonymous and used in market research reports. We will never request personal information such as credit card numbers or phone numbers. (retailer receipts already mask this information.)

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, you can contact Julie Allen at or visit